Getting started on Ubuntu

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Getting started on Ubuntu

Postby Folknology » Tue Jun 01, 2010 6:22 pm

Now that the wiki is live we can all access it and add community based content to improve things for each other. It's a good idea if you have been in a tight spot or have learned something you think may help others to add it into the wiki. It's really not difficult and with a few formatting options can create good looking and clear pages. Prior to release I was given the keys to drive the wiki and test it by adding some useful content. So I wrote up my recent solutions I had found to the USB issues I experienced on Ubuntu. Yes this information is available elswheere such as the knowledge base, but I wanted a clear usb howto for the development kits using Xtag and Xtag2, one that didn't expect inside knowledge of Ubuntu or linux. So for those of you who want to get a head start using Xmos tools and kits on Ubuntu check my wiki Ubuntu/USB page. It is not perfect, there are bound to be mistakes, but its a wiki so feel free to fix anything you think is broken or improve it where you think it may need more clarity, I know others have already done this, enjoy..

Thanks to Jason for getting the wiki together in relatively short order including integrating it directly with the site, I am sure it will prove an immensely valuable resource over the coming months and years.

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Postby jason » Tue Jun 01, 2010 10:13 pm

Indeed, if anyone has any Wiki questions in terms of how to use it, do feel free to post a message in the forum or send a PM. Once you get started it is quite addictive!

We would love to see everyone contributing - don't be shy - if you had a eureka moment, share it with us so others can learn from your experiences!

Also, a new feature: projects now automatically link to a Wiki url so you can create wiki sections related to your project that are easily accessible from the project page itself.

Go check out your existing projects to see what I mean - project headings look like this now:
* Status: project status
* Downloads: xx
* Licence: Your chosen licence
* Last updated: Date
* Sponsors: CompanyName
* Wiki entry: View project wiki entry

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