again questions about Part Marking

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again questions about Part Marking

Postby licall » Tue Feb 05, 2013 9:40 am

Still again questions about Part Marking

There is a XMOS board on my hand, the XMOS's Chip Marking is:


I tack a pic show as below:
What my feel puzzled is, I still do not know what the part mumber is,
It is XS1-U10A-128 or XS1-U16A-128 or XS1-L16A-128 or XS1-L8A-128 or ...?

Thank you!
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Postby Bianco » Tue Feb 05, 2013 4:11 pm


See ... 54C%29.pdf page 19

Keep in mind that this part number will not be used anymore in the future, instead it will be XS1–L8A–64–TQ128–C5
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Postby licall » Wed Feb 06, 2013 2:49 am

Hi, Bianco,

I'm clear now! Thank you!

As below:
| Part Munber | Part Marking | suffix |
|XS1–L01A–TQ128–C4 | USMMYYL1 | L1 |
|XS1–L01A–TQ128–C5 | USMMYYL1 C5 | L1 C5 |
|XS1–L01A–TQ128–I4 | USMMYYL1 I4 | L1 I4 |
|XS1–L01A–TQ128–I5 | USMMYYL1 I5 | L1 I5 |
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Postby JasonWhiteman » Sat Aug 17, 2013 7:36 pm

I was also recently wanting to decode the part number recently on my Dev board in order to answer the question: "did I get the amount of cores I expected out of this dev kit?"

Google-searched and landed on this thread.

So ... in case others land here through the same path: you'll notice the link provided is now dead. I'll attempt to answer using updated instructions based off of the current website (also subject to change).

1) Navigate to XMOS website
2) Upper menu bar - click on "Support" (today, it turns green when you hover over Support)
3) Under the upper menu bar is now a sub-menu bar including "Downloads, Documentation, Videos, Partners ..." - click on "Documentation"
Note: to fast-track (as of today) - you can click on this link:
4) Search on this page for "Part Marking List" (ctrl-F in my browser, mac-F in others, and countless other methods for different devices and browsers).
5) Click on the link ("xCORE Device Part Marking List") which will, as of today, bring you to: ... 1.3%29.pdf

You may have to sign-in to XMOS.

Final note: if you're decoding an old part number - keep in mind that the part number is actually a datecode followed by a few letters. My part was "US1150L2 C5". Looking at the last column "Old Marking MMYY = Mnth/Yr", I find "USMMYYL2 C5". The PDF shows a match and the new part number is shown in the 1st column. I'll avoid giving the specifics since there may be an issue with the current version of the list "6 August 2013" and I wouldn't want others with the same p/n to also take my answer in the forum which could be incorrect if I listed it.

Jason Whiteman

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