new XDE user experience

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new XDE user experience

Postby mikronauts » Thu Sep 01, 2011 2:59 am


I installed the latest XDE environment yesterday, and noticed that when I tried to run a tutorial from the welcome screen, it would let me pick one (simulation for example), but would not actually do anything.

Today I updated my JRE, still same issue.

I am now starting to follow the Tool Users Guide, and I was able to create an XC-5 project (I pimped out one of my Sparkfun Xmos boards as a solderless test board for early experiments)

I will update this thread with problems as I encounter them.

Is there a tutorial somewhere on how to add new platforms to the project creation wizard? As Sparkfun recommends, I used an XC-5 platform file for now.

I'd like to add one for the Sparkfun board for now, and my boards later :)

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