Mixed I/O and bit masking on Xmos ports

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Re: Mixed I/O and bit masking on Xmos ports

Postby Bianco » Mon Aug 15, 2011 11:29 am

Heater wrote:mynameisdev,


Forgot to say, be careful when using a single port as input and output alternately else something might get damaged.

For example when using LEDs and switches on a 4 bit port, normally the thing is in output mode driving the LEDs. That means it might be fighting against switches that are providing a short circuit to ground or Vcc when pressed. Not good.

Same applies to driving a port as output to any other device that may be outputting at the same time.

Perhaps a few resistors on the port pins is all it takes keep currents under control and make it safe.
Yup.. i fried an SRAM chip a few weeks ago.. the XMOS chip has survived i think..

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