XE232 availability?

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XE232 availability?

Post by mditsler »

Hi. What is the availability of the XE232 32-core chips? I have a couple of projects built around them (all of which are in limbo now), and my order for the ICs is backordered. The ship date has long since past and no distributor can give me a new ship date. I have also placed a support request and a phone call to sales directly with XMOS, but I have yet to receive any reply. Has this chip (specifically, the XE232-1024-FB374-C20) been EOLed? If not, can anyone shed some light on when these chips will be available or their lifecycle status?

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Post by matthew1 »

Hi, received your support ticket and we're looking into the problem. I can confirm that the XE232-1024-FB374-C40 is still active and we do have stock of it, so we should be able to supply. As soon as I know more I'll reply directly.