XMOS have released a new VocalFusion 4-Mic Kit for Amazon AVS

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XMOS have released a new VocalFusion 4-Mic Kit for Amazon AVS

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The kit features a compact four-microphone linear 100mm array. The captured voice signals are crystal clear even in noisy environments, enabling commands to be accurately captured from across the room for processing by the Alexa cloud-based speech recognition system. XMOS is the only solution to date that packs audio digital signal processing (DSP) and programmable I/O processing and control software into a single chip, enabling customers to significantly reduce their bill of materials, flexibly tailor their designs, and reduce costs.

The VocalFusion 4-Mic Dev Kit for Amazon AVS is the first development kit to feature a reference client built using the recently released AVS Device SDK. The AVS Device SDK is designed to further simplify the experience of creating Alexa-enabled products, thereby helping commercial device makers get AVS products to market faster.

The VocalFusion 4-Mic Kit for Amazon AVS (XK-VF3000-L33-AVS) is immediately available from Digi-Key at http://www.digikey.com/xmos-avs

For more information on the XMOS kit, and XVF3000 devices http://www.xmos.com/vocalfusion-avs.

XMOS VocalFusion page on Amazon's developer portal https://developer.amazon.com/alexa-voic ... cal-fusion

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