Project Of The Month Winner - June 2010 - wibauxl

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Project Of The Month Winner - June 2010 - wibauxl

Postby jason » Tue Jun 01, 2010 10:09 am



Congratulations to Wibauxl, who is the Project Of The Month winner for June for his XBase project.

A quote from the XBase project is as follows:
XBase, a base board using XMOS processor.
• Processing power can be increased by simple connection of another XBase, either above or in-line with the first XBase.
• ADC, 8 channels, up to 1 000 000 samples/sec.
• FT2232 for serial communications and serial bootloader.
• Arduino shield footprint and functions to add one of the numerous shields available.
• Alternate footprint exposing all ports of the XS1-L1 TQFP 128

Discussion forum and more informations here
As always, our lucky winner will receive a free XK-1 development kit! Congratulations! Go check out his project right now!

Looking towards July, please submit your nominations to the main POTM thread here (please ensure criteria are met detailed in this post if you wish to be considered).

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