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XCore Notification Bar

Postby jason » Thu Mar 25, 2010 10:32 am

Just to let you know of a new feature on XCore.com - the notification bar which now appears along the bottom of the site (you may need to press CTRL F5 in your browser to get the latest CSS styles etc to view it).

First of all - what is it?

Well it basically allows you to keep up to date with what is going on around XCore.com. It came to our attention that as there is so much content being posted and generated by both yourself and your fellow community members, it was quite hard to keep track of when something you were interested in was updated.

You can now instantly see when someone has written on your wall, posted a comment on something you have created (eg projects, groups), sent you a new friend request/message etc so you don't have to be in the dark any more!

You can also use the social tools on the left of the bar to share the page you are currently on, with popular sites such as twitter, facebook, digg, stumbleupon, friendfeed etc.

On the right there is a quick links menu that allows you to easily get to common parts of the site - such as those groups that were hard to get to before.

I dont like notification bars/my browser doesnt support it (namely IE6) and I don't want to upgrade

We hope you like it, but for those of you who prefer not to use it for whatever reason, you can quite simply disable it by going to your profile, clicking on edit, then on advanced settings, and checking the disable notification bar checkbox! Of course you can re-enable it via the same route later should you wish to.

So go and try it out! Send a message to your friend, write on someone's wall, go interact!
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Postby shawn » Fri Mar 26, 2010 3:16 am

Nice!, makes Quick Links quicker already.
Nice its at the bottom of the page.
I didn't even notice bar right away.
Low interference, very discrete, cool.

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