Can't log in using xtimecomposer

Technical questions regarding the xTIMEcomposer, xSOFTip Explorer and Programming with XMOS.
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Can't log in using xtimecomposer

Postby SpacedCowboy » Tue Oct 20, 2020 2:09 am

So picture the scene: It's been a long day of back-to-back zoom meetings. The kid is off to soccer practice with mum, and I've finally got an hour of peace to do something *I* want to do and play with the latest idea to use an XMOS cpu...
  • Download xTIMEcomposer. Ok, it needs Java 6
  • Download Java 6, Oh that doesn't work, go look for instructions on how to get Java 6 on Catalina.
  • Yay! XMOS have a guide - pull the modified Java 6 and type the magic to get the command line to work
  • Run xTIMEcomposer.
  • Run through about 1000 iterations of "do you really want to run this, load, cancel or move to trash"
  • Somehow avoid clicking on 'move to trash' every single time. Finally, we're launched.
  • It wants me to log in (I remember that, now). Use same login as works on the website
  • Oh. It doesn't like it - tells me it detected an SSL exception.. Well, that's odd.
  • Click on 'Having Problems Registering'. Dig through the various options in the preferences. Finally find the 'disable security cert checking' (it's on the very last pane, conveniently).
  • Type in username/password again. No difference.
  • Give up on actually trying to do something, and type in this wall of text instead.
I did find another post (from years ago) saying much the same thing. It mentioned starting from scripts/debug/Mac instead, so there's some logging. Here it is (username/password redacted, but I did check it's the same as works on the website). Also, there's no proxy server between me and the internet, and a web-browser running on the same machine with the same credentials logs in just fine.

I see a message from xrun about not being able to access the tools. There's no board connected, but I can certainly run it from the command line:

Code: Select all

@atlantis ~ % xrun --version
Community_14.4.1 (build 235-acbb966, Dec-01-2019)
Copyright (C) XMOS Limited 2008-2019. All Rights Reserved.
Any clues on what to do, so that the next time some precious "free time" is available, I can actually use it, much appreciated :)
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Postby SpacedCowboy » Tue Oct 20, 2020 5:02 am

Ok, this post, separate so it stands out more, is by way of an apology. The above is overly snarky, and I was just frustrated at losing the "me-time" as I was writing it... That's no excuse, though, software always has bugs, and most of the problems are probably caused by Apple's SIP anyway.

So, sorry for the tone :)
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Postby migueljds » Tue Oct 27, 2020 6:43 pm

This problem should be fixed now. thanks for sharing the log. It really helped in finding the issue. (I'll delete the log file on your post for now, as it contains some sensitive information)

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