AVB Endpoints hardcoded streamIDs no 1722.1

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AVB Endpoints hardcoded streamIDs no 1722.1

Postby Darkbad » Tue Jun 16, 2020 5:48 pm

Hi guys! Long time lurker, but decided I need to post....

I currently have a system set up that is using TCP/AVB (lib_tsn + lib_xtcp). I have the XTCP 6.0.0 library working, I can send messages back and forth with no issue. Now I need to interface with a system using both TCP and AVB messages for high priority traffic. The only caveat is I need to modify lib_tsn to use SRP and hardcoded Talker/Listener Stream IDs, lacking the use of MAAP and 1722.1.
What is the best approach to do this using the lib_tsn library. Has anyone tried this before? I've seen some talker only builds, but they are using MAAP and/or 1722.1.

I know there is a separate task that uses only srp + mvrp, which is what I am trying to use in tandem with other 1722.1 calls.
My thought was in the AVB api when it calls "register_talkers" & "register_listeners" I can set the source/sink state to potiential,
set the vlan, stream id, destination/source MAC, and then set the sink/source state to enable. Don't seem to work, and I know it's surely more involved.

Effectively I need to do all the tasks that the 1722.1 controller would be doing while it moves through AVDECC, but instead of actually going through each step, I'd just using Connection Management part and set the StreamIDs to their correct IDs, set the destination MAC and a few other parameters. Is this correct? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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