xrun : Cannot load image, XCore 0 is not enabled?

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Re: xrun : Cannot load image, XCore 0 is not enabled?

Postby mon2 » Wed Dec 25, 2019 4:40 pm

Hi. At this time, do not see any issues with the schematic which matches the XCORE-200 audio kit reference design.

1) Check the status of the RST_N pin on the CPU. What is the logic level after boot? It should be HIGH to allow for the CPU and JTAG interface to run.

2) Check the clock (24M) at the CPU. Must be running to allow for CPU and JTAG operation. The crystal loading caps used on your design match the XMOS ref design but should be tweaked varying with the crystal manufacturer's recommendation. Often the loading caps vary with the vendor of the crystal. If the clock runs upon every power up cycle, then not a problem. Other thoughts are to source a fixed 3v3 crystal oscillator in a single device and just use it for the 24M clock source. This is 100% guaranteed to power up and run (be sure that OE pin on the oscillator = "1" to enable).

3) Check the voltage rails of each power rail.

4) Was this custom PCB, hand built or automated build? Reflow with a hot air tool the XMOS CPU to be sure the ground (paddle) bottom is soldered. This can raise the same error if the ground paddle is not soldered. This is a common root cause of this error on past reviews. Even better if you can get the XRAY view of the CPU to double check the same soldering details.

Please post your results.
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Postby jems » Mon Dec 30, 2019 1:20 pm

Thanks for quick reply on this post.
I resolved the problem for upload the program in the board.
The issue occurred because the shorting the two lead pin of Xmos chip on board.
So, Thanks for resolve my issue.

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