porting c-projects to xmos simulator(xde)

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porting c-projects to xmos simulator(xde)

Postby Newuser_xmostools » Wed Dec 16, 2009 2:49 pm


I am a new user to xmos development tools.My idea is to port my audio related c-projects to
x-mos boards (supporting) ,once got ported wants to look at profiling and wants to Opitimize the same, (the same way ,as i previously used to do porting &optimisation in Arm Development simulator ADS).

As a start, i downloaded xmos desktop tools 9.9.1 from the x mos site to start my C- projects porting on to the XDE simulator and i am using xcc compiler for this job.Actually i have a list of C-projects which are organised as Static libraries and projects which are using those libraries. i want to organise/port the same project structures (ie.library and executables) in the xde simualtor .

ideally i want to create static library projects and want to add those libs to include library path (-l).but i could not able to dothe making of static libraries in the build settings in the simulator in the configuration type. (project->properties->c/xc build->settings).

i am hoping some one can explain me how the things to be done with respect to porting..and can any body explain me a correct way of approach in order to create libraries?..is xmos tools are best for porting/optimising codec/audio enahancdements projects..??

can any body expain me or links to understand these cores and threads..will the xmos c compiler supports all c formats like pointers,malloc..erc..??

Hope the forum members respond positively and show me correct direction

Thanks in Advance
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Postby that_awesome_guy » Fri Dec 18, 2009 5:00 pm


I think that question has been answered on XMOS Linkers - http://www.xmoslinkers.org/forum/viewto ... ?f=6&t=671


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