External Audio DSP Processor Project

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Re: External Audio DSP Processor Project

Postby williamk » Tue Oct 12, 2010 7:38 pm

Thanks, so it does look complicate... :? :shock: :o

Well, for now I'm still wondering about this anyway. ;-)

Now, another crazy idea, as I love to think crazy, people noticed that already, eh? :lol: :mrgreen:

If I add an USB (user) connection to the thing, how do I deal with the windows driver? (lets care about windows only for now) Is there an "easy" way to communicate with an User-USB connection added to a XMOS project?

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Postby bsmithyman » Wed Oct 13, 2010 2:33 am

Yes and no. There's libusb, which is somewhat cross-platform, but that still to some extent means writing your own drivers (it just simplifies the process a lot). The XTAG2 implements a USB interface and the source is available. Similarly, the audio reference designs might be a good place to start (I personally haven't gone through them, so I can't comment in detail).
If low bit-rates are okay, options like the FTDI chips exist, which the XC-1A already has. However, this is limited practically to something < 1Mbps in most cases. The FT2232 can do 3Mbps, but many serial-port issues can arise on the host end at those rates.

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