XMOS Slice Extender Board

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XMOS Slice Extender Board

Postby mon2 » Fri Aug 22, 2014 5:20 pm

Version: 1
Status: Complete
License: MIT
Download: /files/project_builds/LF1037KB_Readme_Download_Instructions.zip

This project will permit the probing / extending all of the signals present on the PCIe (PCI Express) connector as found on the XMOS boards. An optional target XMOS compatible slice board may be seated into the end of this design for passive debugging of all signals. It is a product which we will use in house for new XMOS developments and was recently requested by  babazaroni.
All source files (Altium) + panel shape + production specifications + BOM have been supplied. For best signal integrity, the PCB is a 4L PCB.
This product is available for sale in either fully assembled,  kit form or bare PCB.
The PCIe edge connector is a STRADDLE type. The PCB layout was created to support the following PCIe x1 straddle connectors (others may be also compatible with this layout):
TE (aka Tyco) P/N 5-1734857-5  ; the first number defines the color of the insulator (BLACK or WHITE); last digit defines the amount of gold plating
http://www.digikey.com/product-search/e ... -1734857-5
Sullins NWE18DHRN-T941
Sullins GWE18DHRN-T9410
Note: The design has been produced and tested across StartKit, SliceKit (standard) and USB SliceKit. Hand soldering of the PCIe connector is recommended. If using reflow or wave soldering tools, be sure to review the PCIe connector materials and temperature ratings to avoid damage to the connectors.
The fileset is larger than the 2 MB limit so it is posted on our server. Please download the readme file for the (case sensitive) URL for this project.

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