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Postby DanB » Fri Jan 28, 2011 1:23 am


Just a quick introduction. Whilst on the lookout for a new platform to develop on (at hobbyist level) I was pointed towards XMOS by a friend. After a browse of the website and a quick chat in the IRC channel I am very eager to develop with the XMOS, though at the moment I'm still debating which development board is most suitable (XC-1A, unsurprisingly, looks like it'll be ideal), with no particular project ideas in mind at this time.

I have an electronic engineering background from my University studies but now work as an embedded software engineer. The XMOS appears to cross these two interests perfectly and I must admit to finding the ASM -> C and HDL -> XC analogies a very exciting concept.

For now, I'll look forward to finding my way around the forum and no doubt post more shortly! :)

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Postby jason » Fri Jan 28, 2011 11:34 am

Welcome Dan!

Indeed, most people tend to get the XC1A as their first board unless you have something specific in mind in which case something else may suit better.

Do keep us posted on what you get up to with XMOS!

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