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Postby shobley » Thu Feb 17, 2011 11:39 pm


Just got my XC-1A, and so far I have two questions:

1) How do I stop my browser from asking me if I want to only view the securely delivered content whenever I change pages on the forum?

2) How come I have to unplug/replug my XC-1A after programming to get the newly deployed code to run?


P.S. I solved #2 - I already had Eclipse installed as part of a PHP dev environment. After installing XMOS dev tools I had a weird "PHP/XC" editor that was confusing the hardware (and me) :)
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Postby jason » Sat Feb 19, 2011 4:42 pm

From point (1) I guess you are using Internet Explorer?

There are two solutions to this:

1) Use an awesome browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox ;-)

2) Or alternately you can change your settings under Tools > Internet Options > Security tab > make sure Internet zone is selected and click Custom level. Look for “Display mixed content” and select it to Enable.

I shall look in to what is not being delivered over https when I get back to work next week - my guess is that it is an image that is delivered over http that is causing this. My apologies. Thanks for letting me know.

Anyhow welcome to the site and we look forward to hearing more about your developments in the near future!


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