Free tool, inspired by matlab

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Free tool, inspired by matlab

Postby myndideal » Thu May 28, 2015 8:48 pm

[thumbnail=float-right][/thumbnail]may I advertise a little bit a free online tool? Two of my colleagues were involved in this project.
This is a free computing environment for scientific and engineering calculations.
It is under heavy development. Just for example there is a FIR filter designer script too. (Remez algorithm) It can plot curves, etc..
Take a look there:

This is an ECG lowpass decimator for fsample=2kHz; fcut=4-500Hz :

Code: Select all

import signals.filters.tfilter-1;
// Lowpass 
filter=remezFIRFilter(0, 2 kHz, [
            gain: 1, // passband
            ripple: 5dB,
            start: 0Hz,
            stop: 400Hz
            gain: 0, // stopband
            atten: -40dB,
            start: 500Hz,
            stop: 1000Hz
Cool! Isn't it? :)
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Postby srinie » Mon Jun 01, 2015 12:18 pm

Very nice tool and collaborative work!
My like is the 'datasheets' section, and hope to see more additions there.

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